Fuel Reduction

Fuel Performance Enhancement Process



Emissions and Maintenance Reduction Our enhanced fuel is injected into the Power Generator in the form of emulsified fuel. Our data proves we enable a higher latent heat absorption due to the aqueous particles during the combustion. These, in turn, lower the local temperature resulting in the reduction of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) of up to 45%. Our fuels protect the engine system from over-heat-related malfunctions.

Lesser formation of soot and Particulate Matter (PM) indicates more efficient combustion. Results have shown that soot and PM are reduced. We have achieved reductions in soot emission as high as 81% with W/D emulsion fuel. This translates to cleaner combustion chambers while maintaining engine lubricity.

RSI emulsified fuels are not corrosive. Our proprietary technology encapsulates and binds small droplets of water into the fuel. Our product stability is above one month even though our product is designed for immediate use. There is no potential or imminent presence of “free water” in the fuel.


How much money will I save?

RSI installs their proprietary technology and shares the saving obtained, the client will only share the savings with RSI once the efficiency is confirmed by the change in consumption. Savings per month based on your fuel type using the following example based on $2.00 per gallon for a client that has a daily fuel = consumption of 1,000 gallons. DO/ULSD/BioD Blends: Avg. of $6,000/month* LFO: Avg. of $7,500/month* * Savings range will vary based on the fuel cost, its quality, and the equipment design.


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