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Minimize Power Costs

When power consumption peaks in your marketplace, power become very expensive. Green Coast Energy can take you off the grid at these most expensive times, with a solution that triggers a state-of-the-art generator to engage during peak consumption periods. This on-site solution powers your facility independently, effectively reducing your allocation of Global Adjustment costs, potentially saving you thousands annually. What’s more, your generator is sized to provide 100% of your power needs, also eliminating your need for a backup generator.


High cost of peak electrical from the grid combined with the need for constant and consistent supply of clean quality electrical power for business operation, in particular data centers, food processing plants, and refrigerated warehouses, has pushed many companies to look for alternative solutions.

Our Clean Energy Services

Our companies work hand in hand with our customers to provide a full range of value-added services throughout the lifespan of each of our projects. We offer 100% total financing & 100% redundancy at no additional cost.

Some of Our Clean Energy Projects

Clean Energy for AMDOCS
Clean Energy for  Cornell
Clean Energy for Marriott
Clean Energy for the National Archives
Clean Energy for US Dept of Labor
Clean Energy for Puma
Clean Energy for Toshiba
Clean Energy for the CDC
Clean Energy for Capital City Bank
Clean Energy for  Wyndham Margaritaville
Clean Energy for Pfizer
Clean Energy for the RMR Group
Clean Energy for the Home Depot
Johnson and Johnson
Clean Energy for Wyeth
Clean Energy for Captain Morgan Rum

Providing Solutions for Clean Energy Production Needs from North America to the Caribbean Islands and South America

North and South America

Market Segments Served

Refrigerated Warehouses

Office Warehouses

Data Centers

Resorts and Manufacturing

Coal-Fired Power Plants

Office Buildings

Shopping Malls

Waste water and sludge treatment

and many more

Our Technologies

GCE has many different technologies to lower our customer’s bills while adding stability to their operation, providing a cost-effective zero-down power system that pays for itself.

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